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Using a Dehumidifier to Keep Mold from Growing

5/22/2018 (Permalink)

There are many culprits that can cause or complicate allergies in a humid climate: mold, mildew, and seasonal allergy issues such as pollen, dust, etc. If you or someone you love suffers from allergies, using a dehumidifier in your home can make a big difference in their health and comfort.

Whether you live in a humid climate, or just in a living space that tends to be humid, such as an older home or apartment, you may be experiencing problems from mold and/or mildew or dust mites. Limited ventilation in places such as basement apartments, or small kitchens or bathrooms can cause moisture to build up, even in the driest of climates. It will only take 24-48 hours for a mold colony to begin growing once the airborne spores find an environment they like!


  • Reduce humidity levels, making your home less inviting to allergens, particularly mold spores.
  • Reduce the possibility that mold will develop on furniture, clothing, and other materials.
  • Help to reduce the unpleasant odors that accompany mold and mildew.
  • Allow you to breathe easier by reducing irritation to your skin and respiratory system.
  • Reduce dust in the home, so you won’t be cleaning and dusting as much.
  • Provides a less humid environment for your home and family, keeping electronics and tools free from rust and corrosion, and even prolonging the shelf life of breads and cereals!
  • Help your clothing dry faster.
  • Lower energy costs, helping your HVAC to run more efficiently. When air in the home is humid, the A/C must work doubly hard by cooling the air AND removing the moisture. Your unit will wear out sooner under that stress.
  • Run quietly and efficiently in the background of daily life. You won’t even notice them.

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Checking Your Closet for Mold Growth

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

In the humid months of the year, mold can take hold in your closet without your knowledge. That kind of oversight can be expensive when it comes to clothing, shoes, and other personal belongings that might be affected. After all, it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to begin a rapid colonization if the conditions are right.

Here are some tips you can keep in mind to guard against mold:

    • Deep cleaning.  This is probably the best and most effective way to guard against mold in your closet. Periodically, you will want to empty your closet and deep clean. It may not be necessary to remove those items that are hanging, but everything on the floor and along the walls including anything on shelving will need to come out. Sweep, vacuum, and mop, paying special attention to walls and corners. Use a disinfectant method such as baking soda and herbs to freshen the carpet, which also helps to prevent any mold spores from taking hold. Wipe down all shelving with a disinfectant liquid spray, and make sure they are completely dry before replacing your belongings.
  • Use a dehumidifier.  Having a dehumidifier in your closet can be a big help when it gets muggy outside, and in.
    • Don’t store items in cardboard. Storing items in cardboard is not the best idea. Once cardboard gets damp, it starts to decompose, and this is a great place for mold to begin a colony. It can also become a home for spiders, which is definitely something you don’t want!
  • Use mold-resistant materials. When renovating or refreshing this area, use mold resistant materials such as drywall and paint, etc. These types of materials are readily available at any home improvement store.

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Preventing Mold in Your Waycross Motel or Hotel

2/13/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is unsightly and unhealthy, and can cost you business. Take steps today to mold-proof your motel or hotel business so your Waycross guests can rest easy.


Do an audit of your business premises; where are the problem areas? Are the windows in some rooms frequently damp? Are there any persistent leaks in ceilings or hallways? Preventing mold from growing and spreading can be as simple as ripping up carpet or using mold-resistant cleaning and renovation products, or just cleaning out rain gutters.


Mold will not grow without moisture, so take care of wet areas immediately; water damage often leads to mold growth. Seepage after heavy rainfalls or melting snow and ice, or even carpet spills or minor flooding due to broken pipes, etc. need to be fully dried within 24 to 48 hours. Make sure any bedding and furniture that may have been affected are either completely dried or removed from the area.


Make sure all staff is educated as to good practices in the prevention of mold. All areas need to be properly ventilated at all times, from the kitchen to the on-site laundry, if you have one. Housekeeping staff need to keep a lookout for leaking AC units in guest areas, and all staff should know what to look for in break areas, bathrooms, and other areas where they work daily. In overall damp weather, dehumidifiers might be appropriate to use, especially in more humid regions.


Regular inspection of exterior doors, windows, and roofing can expose any leaks or improper fits right away. Even the smallest leaks can, over time, cause a mold issue that can be difficult to eradicate.


Do you use live plants in your decorating scheme? They are beautiful and useful, too; they help to purify the air of indoor spaces, which is always helpful. They can also accumulate mold on their leaves and in their pots. Make sure that part of their care involves checking for mold. Natural food stores carry products that can be added to water for your plants to keep excess moisture down, while being safe for the environment.


When it comes time to repair or renovate, keep in mind that there are many mold-resistant products on the market today, such as drywall or Sheetrock. Many paints now include mold-inhibitors, which are a great asset in the battle. Some cleaning products can be a benefit, as well.

Whatever your region’s climate, either the warm, wet South or the hot, dry Southwest, and everything in-between, make sure you know how mold starts and spreads. Knowledge is power, even in the battle against mold!

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