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Water Damage and Holiday Travel

11/10/2022 (Permalink)

The Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays are quickly approaching. When leaving for vacation, few people consider prepping their homes against water damage. You go through your checklist of turning off the coffee pot and stove and locking all the doors, but what happens if you have a leak and need a water pipe repair while you are away? A broken pipe can do a lot of damage, especially if it is left unattended for several days. 

Prepping Your Home

Before leaving for an extended vacation, check your home for leaks. Examine the pipes under the sink and the water heater for any cracks or rust. Inspect the hoses that connect to any appliances. Insulate any exposed pipes if you are leaving in the winter. A pipe that burst due to freezing needs water pipe repair immediately. Ask a neighbor, friend or family member if they can check in on your home periodically. If no one can check on your home, turn off the main water and drain the pipes. 

Preventing Floods

It is important to not only prep your home to prevent damage from a leak but also from a storm. Make sure your gutters are cleaned and water can flow freely through them. Check your sump pump. Clear out any debris you see. Test it by filling the sump pit and turning on the pump. Check your window seals and your roof for any leaks. All of these checks are especially important if any heavy rains or storms are expected in your area.

Returning from a vacation to find your house flooded can be devastating. Standing water can cause real damage to your home. A simple water pipe repair can escalate into a big problem if no one is there to address the issue. Take the time to prep your home against intruding water before you leave. That way you can enjoy your time away without worries.

Dangers of Underestimating a Water Damage

11/10/2022 (Permalink)

The amount of damage water can cause is amazing and often underestimated by homeowners. Excess moisture is bad enough, but when a home is flooded or hit with a plumbing disaster (like a busted pipe), the situation can quickly get out of hand. There’s a reason why these incidents are among the most expensive problems a homeowner can face. 

Drywall, wood and the matter trapped in carpet fibers are just a few examples, and they can give pathogens room to grow. Within 48 hours, mold may begin creeping behind the walls and releasing spores, and any organic materials that have been soaked through by contaminated fluid will usually have to be destroyed.

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas will dry the home quickly and apply a plant based antimicrobial to all surfaces that had contact with the water. This ensures the family can return to a safe home.

Commercial Water Damages - Call SERVPRO

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

If there is one thing you cannot have at your place of business, it is downtime. Unfortunately, if you have an incident like burst pipes or the need for cleaning up after a sewer backup, there will be a notable disruption in your daily operations. Working with a team that knows how to execute safe and adequate water damage remediation will help to limit downtime or even save you some money on the overall restoration. SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, & Douglas offers water removal services to address whatever needs your Southeast Georgia business may have. All a business owner or manager has to do is get in contact with us, and we can be there within hours–We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster! When tackling commercial water damage restoration we follow local guidelines for cleaning, water removal, and disposal of unsalvageable materials. Rest assured that SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, & Douglas will take care of you from start to finish with our restoration and reconstruction teams.Call us today at 912-285-0724

Quick Response When Storm Damages Occur

9/9/2022 (Permalink)

When heavy rains and high winds hit hard, property destruction and loss can be devastating to you as a homeowner or business owner. Structural damage to the exterior of your home or business is followed by interior devastation from water and winds. Storm damage is rarely isolated to just a few buildings in an area adding the challenge of finding a restoration company that can respond swiftly to our needs in an already anxiety-provoking situation. SERVPRO delivers the help you need swiftly even when a local disaster is widespread as we are able to call upon a network of over 1,700 franchises nationwide to respond if the need is great. Storm damage in Southeast Georgia can feel overwhelming, but your fear and panic will disappear when our team of professionals responds to your water, wind, and flooding restoration needs. Once you make sure that your family and employees are safe after a major storm, your first call should be to SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, & Douglas at (912)285-0724 24/7 and begin the road to recovery by scheduling an inspection with our storm damage experts 

Turkey Talk

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

Turkey Day (aka - Thanksgiving) is fast approaching and it is that time of the year again when family and friends come together for a feast. There are several ways to cook a turkey, but a favorite among some is deep-fried. Unfortunately, we have all seen the videos that end in a fiery ball of poultry. If you plan on deep frying a turkey this year, please keep the following tips in mind. 

  • Thaw and Dry turkey completely before cooking.
    • Thaw the turkey in the refrigerator for approximately 24 hours for every 5 pounds, according to The National Turkey Federation (
    • Ice or water that mixes can cause flare-ups
  • Fryer Setup
    • Use fryer OUTDOORS and away from decks, garages, homes, and other structures.
    • Keep children and pets away from the fryer. 
    • Use on a flat surface to avoid accidental tipping. Make sure the tank and burner are at least 2+ feet apart.
  • Measure the Oil
    • Avoid overfilling by reading the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Be Prepared (SAFETY FIRST!)
    • Use oven mitts to protect hands and/or arms.
    • Safety goggles to protect eyes
    • Have a grease-rated fire extinguisher nearby and ready.
  • Finishing Act
    • Remove pot from burner and place on a level surface.
    • Allow the oil to cool overnight before disposing of oil in a sealed container.

Most importantly, NEVER LEAVE FRYERS UNATTENDED!! Please be careful this upcoming holiday season and share these tips with your friends and family that enjoy fried turkey.

If you do become a victim of a deep-fryer fire, SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, & Douglas is here to help. We are available 24/7/365 days a year at 912-285-0724

Commercial Properties and Carpet Cleaning

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

orange triangle over textile one and black rug Every business is different - request a free quote for a carpet cleaning today!

Commercial carpets can be considered a big investment.

The heavy-duty carpets are designed to endure, but with excessive foot traffic, properly taking care of them often is necessary. SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas is well equipped to assist with the upkeep of your carpet cleaning needs. Besides vacuuming the carpet regularly, your commercial carpet should also be deep cleaned to extend its life and to keep it looking well-kept and professional.

A clean, healthy carpet helps set the first impression your customers have when they walk into your business and should provide a clean and safe environment for your employees.  Carpets are also the place where a lot of airborne particles and other dirt gather over time.  Besides aesthetics, keeping a clean carpet also helps provide healthy indoor air quality.

How Often Should My Carpet Be Cleaned?

Different environments can have several different effects on your commercial carpet.  We typically notice that commercial carpets may need to be considered for cleaning no less than twice a year. However, if you notice a buildup of dirt on your floors, it’s time to schedule a cleaning.  

Schedule an Appointment

Call SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas (912)285-0724 and schedule your carpet cleaning today.

Severe Weather – Be Prepared

7/2/2022 (Permalink)

Severe weather can happen anytime, anywhere. Each year, Americans cope with an average of:

  • 10,000 severe thunderstorms
  • 5,000 floods or flash floods
  • 1,000 tornadoes
  • 2 land falling deadly hurricanes

Approximately 98 percent of all presidentially declared disasters are weather-related, leading to around 100’s of deaths per year and billions of dollars in damage. Knowing your risk of severe weather, taking a few actions and being an example to others are just a few steps you can take to be better prepared to save your life and assist in saving the lives of others.

Know your risk.  The first step to becoming weather-ready is to understand the type of hazardous weather that can affect where you live and work, and how the weather could impact you, your business and your family. Check the weather forecast regularly, obtain a NOAA Weather Radio, and learn about Wireless Emergency Alerts. Severe weather comes in many forms and your shelter plan should include all types of local hazards.

Take Action.  Take the next step in severe weather preparedness by creating a communication plan for your home and business. Put together or purchase an emergency kit. Keep important papers and valuables in a safe place.

Be an Example.  Once you have taken action to prepare for severe weather, share your story with co-workers and family and friends on Facebook or Twitter. Your preparedness story will inspire others to do the same.

Build an Emergency Supply Kit:

  • Water (one gallon per person per day)
  • Food (non-perishable 3-day supply)
  • Manual can opener
  • Battery operated radio, preferably a NOAA Weather Radio
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Clothing
  • Dust masks or bandanas
  • Plastic sheeting, garbage bags and duct tape
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Hygiene items
  • Important documents; copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account information
  • Cash
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Matches in a waterproof container

Local Firework Shows Near Waycross

6/30/2022 (Permalink)

Red United States outline with writing for 4th of July Enjoy a safe and fun 4th of July celebration!

Are you looking for Fireworks for the 4th of July? Here is your localized list of Firework Shows happening in and around Ware County

  1. City of Waycross: 4th of July Celebration at Bit Tanner Field - 7:30 PM kicks off with music and fireworks follow at 9PM
  2. Laura Walker State Park - Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration - $5 per car fun starts at 9 AM and fireworks begin at dark!
  3. Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear, GA- Hosting a firework spectacular on July 3. This 20-minute firework show is expected to start at dusk. Best viewing would be in Emmanuels Baptist parking lot or another nearby parking lot.
  4. City of Screven 4th Annual Independence Day Celebration. An all-day festival starting at 2 PM with fireworks beginning at dark.
  5. City of Douglas hosting their 4th Annual 4th of July Freedom Celebration at JC Adams Municipal Park starting at dark.

If you are opting to do fireworks at home please check with your city and county ordinance. 

Where is the Water Shut Off?

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

Do You Know Where the Water Shut Off Is at Work?

Many workplaces always call on the boss or the maintenance man when something goes wrong. What if they were home sick, or in a meeting and you need to locate the water shut off, where do you start? Do you have an emergency plan in place?

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, & Douglas Georgia can help commercial property managers in planning for a water, fire, storm damage. How? With a free Emergency Response Profile created by the SERVPRO.

By having a plan of action and including it in your regular training at your office you can minimize the cost if an unplanned event happens like a frozen pipe, fire or any other type of disaster. 

Some property managers use this as a tool to keep everything organized in one central location. 

Is your business ready for a disaster? Even a simple pipe burst can cause a lot of damage and headache. With a SERVPRO® Emergency READY Profile it can have the critical information to minimize damages, provide the resources for the employees of the company, and provide property details and information. This is a FREE service that we provide to commercial properties. 

If the unthinkable happens, call your local SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas at (912) 285-0724 seven days a week 24/7 to help you avoid the cost and hassle of secondary damages.  We will help make it "Like it never even happened."

The Importance of Air Movers

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment at SERVPRO

When water damage has occurred, water can be absorbed into the drywall (sheetrock), baseboards, subflooring, etc. Drying these surfaces requires high-velocity air movers to accelerate the release of absorbed water into the air. Dehumidifiers are necessary for removing this excess moisture to help protect property and create conditions for efficient drying.


There are two types of industrial air movers we use at SERVPRO of Gainesville. Both types vary by direction and speed of airflow:

  • Axial: Axial air movers blow large amounts of air in a wide space. These air movers are usually larger and produce a higher airflow. Axial air movers can only move air horizontally, but they are ideal for drying walls and floors, cooling equipment, and ventilation.
  • Centrifugal: Centrifugal air movers are compact models. They draw air from different sources and direct it all to one spot. You might use a centrifugal air mover in hard-to-reach areas such as closets, cabinets, and crawl spaces.

If you’ve had water damage at your home or business call SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, & Douglas GA 912-285-0724 for emergency service, we are available 24/7.